Unity Park

South Terrace Pooraka SA 5095

  • Water
  • Bins
  • Fenced
  • Seating

This is one of 9 designated “dog friendly parks” in the City of Salisbury. The fenced parks have been designed to provide interesting recreational environments for both dogs and owners as well as opportunities for rest and watering.

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  1. Kimberly

    Just checked out this park and I have to give it two paws up!! Huge park with a childrens playground, nice walking trail, pond with friendly ducks and the dog park itself is well fenced in – one way in, one way out with a tap and doggy bags. Lovely stand of mature gum trees down the middle, a covered picnic bench, lots of logs, tunnels, hills for pup to have fun in. Worth the 20 minute drive. Pooch slept all the way home!! Highly recommended!!

  2. Steve & Colleen
    Steve & Colleen

    This was our 2nd park in 2 days, this was quite nice as per Kimberly’s comments above. Nice grassed areas & the water fountain is great as well. Met some locals & there dogs who have been going there for a while & they were very nice. Our child played on the neighbouring well equipped playground which we could see from the pooch park. 01/01/2009.

  3. Shay

    Would like to say I have been here twice and am very worried. One time children jumped the fence from the playground and jumped the fence into the dog park. As my puppy is very friendly with children he started running with them and thought they were playing. One child was actually afraid of dogs and tried to hit my puppy. He is the one of the friendliness dogs I have ever met and although has not been affected (THANKFULLY) by being hid with rocks and sticks I was very angry and upset. These children are old enough to know they were not allowed in there.

    Also, I have found that because my dog is bigger a lot of people avoid going in the dog park which means that my pup has not played with a dog. :( Has not been back since as I am worried that some children (these children looked 8 and older) will actually hurt my puppy or scare him.

  4. Joseph

    Very big complex of parks with enclosed children’s play area, open duck pond and fields and of course the enclosed dog park. The dog park is good, a bit smal considering the space available but certainly adequate. No other dogs were there when we arrived at 6:00PM Tuesday.

    I was also a bit disgusted as there was so much doo doo left right in the middle of the lawns, it was neither hidden nor small. Additionally about 20 filled bags were left on the bench and surrounding ground… The park only has one bin which is kept outside the gates so perhaps owners can’t be bothered. Still, it turned me off coming back, I think I’d rather go to North Adelaide.


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