Tones Road Park

Tones Rd Mansfield QLD 4122

  • Fenced

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For additional information please visit the Brisbane City Council website.

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  1. me

    there’s a man there (called Jono) with an American Staffy X, that wants to be a breeder and therefore he reckons he knows EVERYTHING about all dogs and SHOUTS at any dogs that come any near his bitch, or everyone, on how they should train their dogs.

    (he confessed having “had issues in the past”) – he’s loud, confronting (unless you’re a young attractive woman) and singled minded and wants to be in control of the dog park!

    not very pleasant, specially with kids around – my son was frightened and is now intimidated of ever doing it again!

    – why can’t dog exercising/socialising be relaxing and pleasant anymore?

    1. L Claire
      L Claire

      Ah, i thought i was the only one?

      it seems he has “issues” with everybody else!

  2. Ric Vieira
    Ric Vieira

    Not very nice, when owners don’t let dogs be themselves – shout and aggravate dogs even more!

  3. John

    My dog has been attacked there already & at least several near attacks. I’ve resorted to bringing a dash cam up because these people have their own little group & have actually stopped others from coming. They tried with me but failed miserably. They can say whatever they want but it’s I that has to bring the dash cam for evidence & that alone speaks volume.
    I’ve even had a lady by the name of ann call council & cops on me with false allegations & it was my dash cam that saved me.
    All I want is for my dogs to be safe & it’s always the little yappie dogs that are the aggressors

  4. John

    Just to point out how full of crap these people are, my dogs are pure breeds & they know I’m a registered breeder.


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