The Spit

Seaworld Drive Main Beach QLD 4217

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The dog exercise area is the beach area between the Seaway (sea wall) to a signed boundary in line with Muriel Henchman Drive. It’s accessed via a path to the beach from a carpark with plenty of parking available. The beach is very popular on weekends and has a flagged area for bathing. Showers and a dog watering tap with bowl is available.


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  1. Jayne

    We walked down there yesterday. It stinks! As for there being flags there so you can swim – why would you want to? We saw one dog lay a turd the size of a brick, in the water, and it’s owner stood there watching as the turd was picked up by the waves and spread around so that some lucky swimmer could have the pleasure of a face-to-turd encounter with it.

    1. Tom

      You must have one of those stupid little pretend dogs that you’ve trained to go in the toilet. Honestly if a dog craps in the water what can you do, chase it around and try and scoop it up with a bag?? Get real idiot. It is no different from a human crapping in the ocean at the flagged areas, and believe me they do all the time, so if you think that you’d be safe from a turd encounter at a no dog beach, think again. The reason it stinks is because the council has only installed one paved access point with showers and taps, so it is the main thorough fare, 2 more are needed because of the sheer volume of people with dogs that use this area. And by nature the first thing that dogs do when going for a walk is pee and maybe poop so this area is not pleasant. Of course this is by design, the council do not want this area to be pleasant because they have other greedy plans for it, but that’s another story. Once you are on the beach it is the best dog park ever and the majority of owners respect and care for the area, if you don’t like it don’t go, we won’t miss a whinger like you.

  2. Andrew

    Gorgeous location. Massive stretch of beach where dogs can roam freely. Quite popular especially on the weekend. Plenty of owners sun bake whilst letting their dogs mingle.


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