The Scar

Southbar Rd Karabar NSW 2620

  • Fenced

Off-lead area includes the grassed area which has been especially fenced.

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For additional information please visit the Queanbeyan City Council website.

Note: While Doggo aims to provide the most up-to-date information, councils and/or park authorities may change their regulations regarding dog exercise areas at any time. We suggest checking with the relevant park management for the latest information.

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  1. PH

    terrible. aptly named for its desolate dusty pockmarked appearance. No grass. No shelter. Dog equivalent of prison exercise yard.

  2. Scar user
    Scar user

    Odd that the post above was only posted last week. The poster can’t have actually been there for some time. The Scar is a great dog park! Well-fenced for large and small dogs, town water, weaving posts, jumps and tunnel in the large dog area, trees, seating and shelter shed in each yard… and a good community of users.

    The grass cover is improving all the time, and is pretty good at the moment.

  3. Rachel

    Can someone please tell me where The Scar park is?. I know it’s on Southbar Road, but I can’t find it.
    Help please.


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