St Leonard’s Dog Run

St Leonards Rd Launceston TAS 7250

  • Water
  • Bins
  • Fenced
  • Seating

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For additional information please visit the Launceston City Council website.

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  1. Pina

    Just a question please.
    Was told by a friend that her dog died from swimming in the water at the st Leonard’s dog park.
    This happened years ago.
    I said I take our dog their all the time , she has a new dog since then and refuses to take her dog there.
    Have there been reports ever about dogs getting sick or dying from swimming there please.
    Kind regards

    1. Linda

      Hi Pina,
      Our dog got gastroenteritis from drinking the water out of the concrete trough there and needed antibiotics. She recovered after three days but was very sick. We emailed the council and complained about the trough that contains stagnant water that dogs swim in and drink. We suggested that the trough be replaced with a smaller container that could be emptied and flushed with water. The council were very good about it and informed us that they were going to remove the trough and replace it with a small stainless steel container. However we haven’t been back there to see it. A work colleague also informed us that her dog got an infection after playing in the flood water after rain. It’s a lovely area for dogs to play but we won’t be going back there!
      Kind Regards,

    2. Caroline

      Interesting comments. We have been regular visitors to the StLeonards dog park for the past 8 years with our labrador cross and have had no issues with him swimming or drinking the water which he does each time we go. We love the opportunity it affords for him to play and for us to chat to other dog owners.


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