Sirius Cove

Sirius Cove Rd Mosman NSW 2088

Unleashed dogs are permitted on the beach and in the water all day Monday to Friday and prior to 9am and after 4pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

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For additional information please visit the Mosman Municipal Council website.

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  1. Sandy Pants
    Sandy Pants

    Yet to go but hear great things about this gem… Hope to discover this summer and will report back…

  2. Gemma Davies
    Gemma Davies

    This beach is great. there’s so many lovely dogs and the water is really shallow so you can walk in with the dog, or great if you have a small dog. It also has a lovely family area and you can walk up through the reserve to Taronga Zoo and the views overlooking the harbour. One of the best doggie spots I’ve been to in Sydney.

  3. alyssa

    wonderful dog beach/reserve! There’s some drinking bowls under taps integrated in the reserve right near the beach and if you go in the mornings there’s a heap of dog walkers that walk about 3-6 dogs each and let the dogs offleash to play around the reserve and the beach so it’s a big plus if you want your dog to be exposed around other dogs! The only negative thing I could say is that there’s litter that gets washed up on the beach so there tends to be clumps of rubbish along the shore…

  4. Ali

    This sounds like a great place to take my dogs, but could anyone tell me whether there’s any fencing or anything around the area? (I haven’t been there) one of my dogs is a bit of a runner and I don’t want him running away onto a road or something? Any advice on what the location is like would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Ally

      There’s no fences but if you’re worried about your dog running onto a road so no need to worry as you have to walk through the reserve (which is quite large) to get to the beach area and the road that is near the reserve is elevated so unless your dog is abit of a climber, should be alright.

      The location is surprisingly quiet and has a track that goes up towards the water/targona zoo area. Recommend this area completely!

  5. Tristan

    What a fantastic little gem of a spot. Water is still, so people who don’t want to swim can walk out far enough without getting too wet, while your dog can have a paddle.
    Took my Dobermann yesterday, he is just gone 13 months and is a bit of a handful, but he loves to chase and play with other dogs. You really have to go quite far out for a proper swim – so if your dog isn’t that confident it is ok.
    Great beach, would be ideal for a young family, particularly those worried about children swimming, there is no current which is good and is very shallow.

  6. Steve

    Great big sandstone wall surrounds the beach and above that is grass area with seating, it’s very friendly atmosphere for dogs and people but as always responsible attitude toward dogs and people as not all dogs are friendly and putting your dog on leash if it’s not behaving.


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