Ruffey Lake Park

King Street, George Street and Victoria Street Doncaster VIC 3108

  • Water
  • Bins
  • Toilets
  • Seating

Ruffey Creek bisects the gardens diagonally and large expanses of grass are dotted with a mixture of native and exotic trees. Four picnic areas on the periphery of the gardens provide good views over the Ruffey Creek valley. There is a large playground in the south-west corner and jogging track. A lake/retarding basin has been developed in the park.

Majority of the reserve is off lead except for designated on lead areas around Victoria Street playground/BBQ and the Boulevard Playground/BBQ. Dogs are prohibited in fenced off vegetation areas.

On the first Saturday of each month a large group of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels enjoy Ruffey Lake Park.

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For additional information please visit the Manningham City Council website.

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  1. Luke

    Does this include fully fenced areas for dogs?…

    1. Sharlene

      No there isn’t a fully fenced area. It is an open park, with hills, grasslands, creek and lake. It is lovely!

  2. Margarita

    It is wonderful to have such a great off- lead area. It’s a shame they haven’t fenced off an area where the dogs can have contained off lead play. Some councils provide water, poo bags, seats and an agility training course. Wouldn’t that make everyone happy. It does make for a more relaxed time for owners if their dogs like to run off after birds for example. Mine will come in a contained area but when he gets too far he is a worry. I am taking him to obedience class but in the meantime would love access to the above.

  3. him

    its my worry too. they are awesome dogs but the second he is out of earshot he is on the run.i wish they have fenced off parks , i dont even mind paying an entry fee towards maintaning it.

  4. Heather Brown
    Heather Brown

    For those requiring a fully fenced off lead area with bins, bags and double gates try Aranga Reserve in Donvale (just off Springvale Road and just north of the Eastern Freeway. It has pipes, ramps etc for training and car parking. Still in Manningham Council area. Our Ben finds it a bit boring as he prefers somewhere with bushy smells to explore and doesn’t run off.

  5. richard dee

    Wanting to organise a large group of people for a social walk and picnic lunch What is the distance arund the Park can we let a group of dogs of lead in safety

    1. Kevin McCarthy
      Kevin McCarthy

      It’s about 4.6 km. if you walk the whole outer trail, but of course you can do shorter walks, tailored to your group. We go to the Cavvy Walk, and over 30 very active dogs love to run, duck dive in the lake, chase birds and socialise with their mates. It is great fun, followed by a cuppa and light refreshments (bring your own) in one of the outdoor shelters at the starting point play area.

      It is very safe, it’s just a pity that the local council removed the poo depository bins. They were very handy but were emptied too seldom and often overflowed. All types of dogs love this park, and socialise readily. I have never seen a nasty incident between dogs introducing themselves. It’s easy to see how much the dogs enjoy their freedom and nearly wag their tails off meeting new friends. Highly recommended.


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