Rowland Reserve

Pittwater Rd Bayview NSW 2104

  • Water
  • Bins

Access off Pittwater Road at Bayview. Adjacent to boat launching facility. Parking bays as sign posted maybe used for up to 1 hour free of charge. This is a pay & display parking area.

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For additional information please visit the Pittwater Council website.

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  1. Jen

    This was my first experience at an off lead Dog park. I think i went to the best one first. Large area, heaps of dogs at all times, great for socialising. access to water/sand/grassed oval & walking tracks means that there is something for everydog & hours of entertainment.

    Loved it.

  2. carla snyder
    carla snyder

    if you havent taken your beloved dog here yet you must go NOW!!! this is an awesome spot for dogs and their owners ,dogs play and the people chat its a great day out for ALL the family if you live a far its really worth the drive to this dog beach heaven …
    even if i move an hour away i would still take my dog there every weekend love it!!

  3. Hayley Curran
    Hayley Curran

    I completely agree!
    We actually have called this place “doggie heaven” for years! I always thought this was the name, but maybe it was just us nick naming it!!

    Our dog loves the grass, sand and water! There are always plenty of friendly doggie’s to play with, not to mention the dog wash and mobile coffee shop!

    Our dog cries when we near it!

  4. Kay Benger
    Kay Benger

    Our five month old Mini Schnauzer puppy thought he’d died and gone to doggie heaven. It was so nice to see the dogs having such fun with each other and not a snarl or a bite between them. There were dogs from Great Danes to little pups and all got on well with each other. We were visiting friends for the weekend and that was our day out and what fun. Congratulations to the Council for their wonderful facility. Oh, by the way, the dog friendly cafe was great!

  5. Lachy

    I noticed the park while watching the Rugby world cup at the Newport Arms Hotel and knew that my Kelpie cross would love it. The dogs enjoy it so much they become calmer and less aggressive with each other. Running across the oval and frolicking on the sandbanks in beautiful Pittwater is a great way for them to socialise and build water confidence. I live on the other side of Sydney so I won’t be a regular here but I’m planning to return soon. The support of the Council is also impressive – there’s a signboard for owners with information on dog training, dog walking/boarding and washing services (…and it had not been defaced!).

  6. Chris

    Fantastic place. Pity dog owners don’t pick up after their dog. This is why dog parks become less and dogs are not welcome in public areas.

  7. Jenny Hooper
    Jenny Hooper

    This dog beach at Rowland RESERVE Mona Vale is the best place to take your dog through summer. All the dogs and owners are happy, and it makes you happy to see them having such a good time. Find a stick or bring a ball or toy from home and you have your pooch in and out of the water, splashing, running and having fun. My little dog cries and howls as we get close, so excited to get there, and then on the way home, its sleep all the way. Then a bath at home and some food, and they sleep for the rest of the day.

  8. Louise

    Rowland Reserve is my favourite dog friendly place in Sydney. We house and pet sit and decided to take the two lovely dogs were looking after to the beach as a treat. They had so much fun and bounded into the water as soon as we got there. It’s a really social environment and lovely to see so many different breeds playing together. All the owners are very friendly and responsible – it’s great walking bare foot with the dogs and playing in the water with them. It’s such a lovely secluded spot too and feels very safe, a good location to train puppies as it’s away from busy roads.

  9. RiffRuf

    Visited today for the first time and will be back.

    Lots of different dogs, and a HUGE area for them to run and play in, plus decent beach access. Everyone there seemed to be really nice and friendly.

    Only issue we had with some idiot who had a male (desexed luckily) kelpie that was trying to mount and hump everything other dog. It was clear we weren’t the only one getting annoyed with it. We pulled it off our Lab girl (who would have attacked the kelpie if we didn’t step in) because she doesn’t like other dogs near her private parts.

    We were walking up the top section later on, and we see this guy with an esky of beers (pissing it up with his mates), call the dog over and go “ohhh so that’s where you’ve been – down at the beach.”

    Was so close to giving the guy a serve and say “yeah and it’s been annoying the hell out of everyone too!”

    Aside from this, great area.


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