RHL Sparks Reserve

Canterbury Rd & Middleborough Rd Box Hill VIC 3128

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  1. Jeremy

    The RHL Sparks Reserve is a flood retarding basin for Blacks Creek, which doubles as a rugby field, archery butts and offlead area. It’s a massive open area – three football fields – with steep banks and a creekbed (which dries up during summer) around the outside. Great offlead area as you have complete visibility of where your dog is – there are few bushes for them hide in.

    At the north-east side of the park – the intersection of Albion Road and Middleborough Road – there’s a pedestrian crossing to the beginning of the Blackburn Creeklands. It starts with Black’s Walk, which is a great on-lead walking path, then crosses Pakenham Road to become Kalang Park and Centre Road to become Furness Park. Cross the footbridge in Furness park and walk back along the opposite side of the creek. It’s about an hour’s walk all up from the rugby club at the south end of RHL Sparks Reserve (offlead) then along the Blackburn Creeklands.

    Water is available at the archery club (north end of RHL Sparks Reserve) and at the kid’s playground in Furness Park.


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