Puppy Park

Amy Ackman St Forde ACT 2914

  • Fenced

The park is fenced and includes a dog activity area. Located off Amy Ackman St, next to the half basketball court.

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For additional information please visit the Forde website.

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  1. matt

    It’s a great park with a good area for the dogs to run about together, although it is quite small. Owners need to be aware of the effect their dog has on others in the area though. If dogs exhibit any behaviour that upsets or intimidates other dogs/people, the dog should be muzzled or removed from the area. The park is there for everyone but its the owners responsibility to ensure its enjoyable for everyone.

    Its was quite busy on the weekend we took the pups.

    All in all its a great place to take dogs to socialise and run about without the risk of getting hit by a car etc, and will be a regular spot for us to visit.

    Looking forward to the other dog parks expected to be opened soon.


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