Newport Lakes Park

Percy St Newport VIC 3015

Northwest tip only.

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  1. Andrea Sargent
    Andrea Sargent


    I’m am writting because not even 3 hours ago my friend and I were walking her dogs in Newport Lakes.

    We were walking behind the row of houses that are on Graham St, and one of her dogs went near a fence & was pulled under by 2 dogs an killed.

    I’m not sure how many other dogs have been mauled or killed in the area (i suspect this wasn’t the 1st case), but the residential fencing in the area is appauling. I understand that fencing backing onto parks is 1/2 council & 1/2 residential responsibilites (I too live on the back of a park).

    It has been an extreamly sad evening as you can imagine, and in hindsight i’m thinking about other dog owners & also parents whose small children may try to pat these dogs through a fence. It only took a split second for Jenna to be killed and would be the same for other owners or parents.

    I would like to see the fencing in the area fixed so that this doesn’t happen again, also signage could be erected immediatley to ensure this doesn’t happen & to warn people of the potential dangers to their pets & children. Perhaps the council could place some chain mesh fench along the area to preven animals & children from coming to close to fences, it needed be the standard height, just enough to show a barrier, and it wouldnt interfear with grass cutting.

    I must admit I admire the owners to the 2 vicious dogs as we left notes in letterboxes beacuse we knew she was in a yard. and they called to deliver the aweful news where they could have let us think she had run away.

    This has been an extreamly traumatic night for me & more so my friend & her husband. and I would not wish it upon anyone else.

    There is an easy fix (signage) or more effective would be to fix the fencing.

    Please do what you can to stop this happening to others, I am happy to volenteer my time to erect fencing to stop this happening again.



    1. Joanna Kemp
      Joanna Kemp

      This sounds awful, did you ever get a comment or commitment back from anyone?


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