Mungarra Reserve

Affleck Ave Petrie QLD 4502

  • Bins
  • Fenced
  • Seating

Fully fenced, no water, dog agility equipment, dog waste bin and seating.

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For additional information please visit the Moreton Bay Regional Council website.

Note: While Doggo aims to provide the most up-to-date information, councils and/or park authorities may change their regulations regarding dog exercise areas at any time. We suggest checking with the relevant park management for the latest information.

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  1. cherry huggett
    cherry huggett

    I am moving to petrie from hervey bay. hervey bay has excellent off leash dog beachs for swims and runs.
    What is petrie like for this? I have read conflicting stories about mungarra reserve (is it a small off leash area?) and sweeny reserve (Is the off leash area still very big with river to swim or has it been closed?)
    One story told off a woman demanding off leash areas be highly restricted as her dog was attacked.
    Are the areas safe?
    Also, can you walk and run dogs around the lakes nearby and if so which ones?
    Are there other areas i can walk them off leash as well?
    many thanks
    dog lover

  2. captain_yobbo

    haven’t tried the one’s in petrie\strathpine yet did you end up trying them? one i can recommend is kokoda park at kedron there’s lots of room not fenced, but there is a creek that dog’s love playing in.


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