Montrose Foreshore Community Park

Montrose TAS 7010

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Right hand side of the car park.

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For additional information please visit the Glenorchy City Council website.

Note: While Doggo aims to provide the most up-to-date information, councils and/or park authorities may change their regulations regarding dog exercise areas at any time. We suggest checking with the relevant park management for the latest information.

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  1. Greg

    Just be careful with this park. While it is great, it does have a couple of minor issues.

    When you get to the racecourse end, stick to the road side, do not use the wooden walkways. Dogs are NOT allowed on the wooden ones. these are apparently “art” seems dog owners aren’t allowed to enjoy “art”?

    Also, there are sometime people there who “think” they have a trained dog, let it run riot and cause havoc.

    Otherwise, it is a great place for dogs.


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