Mahoneys Reserve

Golden Glen Road Forest Hill VIC 3131

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For additional information please visit the Whitehorse City Council website.

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  1. Amanda

    Technically this is an off-lead dog park, however, Whitehorse Council has increased the number of hours that it leases this oval to sporting clubs (many of whom do not reside within Whitehorse Council) preventing dog users from using the facilities outside of working and school hours. Previously there had been some tension between dog owners and sporting clubs over shared use of the facilities and I think that the council has thought about it’s hip pocket over the services that it provides its rate paying residents. There are far more dog owners per household in our municipality than there are cricket and footy players, yet there are no facilities made available exclusively to dog owners, however there are approximately 30 sporting fields available to non professional sporting clubs. Go figure. When it was available, Bob Saker Oval at Mahoney’s Reserve was a great meeting place for dog lovers, many of whom would have been unable to exercise and socialise their pets due to physical constraints had this fully fenced and gated oval not been available. As a result it was a very sociable meeting point for many different people. Sadly, most of them don’t bother anymore because of the assumption the oval will be otherwise booked by some club or another.


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