Lieutenant Cantello Reserve

Stewart Ave Hammondville NSW 2170

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For additional information please visit the Liverpool City Council website.

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  1. Martin Scheib
    Martin Scheib

    Hi all…
    I am from Germany and I am pretty frustrated how dogs and their owners get treated here in Australia.
    In Germany you can basically take your dog everywhere…Shopping Centres, Restaurants, Public Transport, Beaches, etc…
    In Australia there are so many regulations, etc…
    Me and my Border Collie where really happy to find the Lieutenant Castello Reserve…
    There are even some toilets there… TOP!!!
    There is also a river nearby where you can take your dog for a swim…

    1. Stuart Garfath
      Stuart Garfath

      G’day Martin,
      I also am a dog owner and understand your frustrations regarding rules and regulations applied to dogs and their owners, unfortunately, they are there for one basic reason.
      Whilst MOST dog owners act responsibly, a very small percentage who do not, spoil it for the majority.
      Animals mirror the owner’s personality, therefore, if the owner is undisciplined, so too, generally, is the dog.
      Example, my older son has a Dalmatian, almost three years old, he takes it to a fenced, dog-friendly place, and lets it run free…much to the displeasure of all the other dog owners.
      His dog is an undisciplined, rowdy, annoying, barking, crashing into everything, irritating animal, yet, when I complain to him, he says, “That is what dogs do, that’s what they’re like”. (he is completely wrong!).
      My son is an irresponsible dog owner, he should not have the animal, he cannot be reasoned with, he is blinded by his own stupidity, I can only hope that he is barred from being at the dog park eventually!.
      I have seen other owners bring their dog(S) to the park, and also pay absolutely no notice of what happens, and then, if a responsible owner makes comment, the owner of the rowdy dog gets upset, and verbally attacks the other person, and the body language is more often than not, imposing, even threatening.
      Hence the restrictions and rules, just because a very small percentage doesn’t care about anyone but themselves.
      We do not like it, but we have to live with it, because of a minority of selfish, ignorant, uncaring, irresponsible dog owners, like my idiot son.


  2. Sandra

    This is a fantastic Park

  3. Kb

    Went there for the 1st time today, place was littered with dog poop. Some irresponsible owners about!


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