Inner South Dog Park

Banks St Yarralumla ACT 2600

  • Fenced

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  1. Rose Males
    Rose Males

    I love taking my dog to the dog park at Yarralumla. It is split into Large dog and Small dog sections which is really sensible and there is plenty of room in each park for the dogs to run around. There are never too many dogs there which means it does not get out of control. Everyone is friendly and all the dogs are very well behaved.

  2. wana

    I agree..a great spot. The two sections allow for pups and the smaller dogs to go without the potential drama of being trodden on. There are bins now with bags just in case you forget your own, It’s also close to the homestaed cafe too which is dog friendly..well done ACT Gov.

  3. LS

    This is my favourite park. It’s more like going for a walk in the woods than the Lake Ginnindera one, and it’s easier to avoid specific dogs if you feel the need (though I’ve never seen problematic dogs here, unlike at Lake G). I like the way it has a small dog section as well.

  4. Al

    This park is fantastic to go to because of the split small dog/gentle dogs and large dog areas. I always feel comfortable in the small dog area with my mini schnauzer as I know she will be safe. We have ventured into the larger dog park every once in a while and she has been mostly fine. There are a few dogs every now and then that are overly aggressive but luckily no injuries have occurred.

  5. ella

    This dog park is the best dog park around for it is fenced in and has two sections. i advise to not go to the belconen park because a rotti had started chasing my cav x pup.

  6. Alex

    This dog park is fantastic place for you dogs to have fun and interact with many different dogs!
    There are two sections one for small dogs which is on your right side and the left side is for bigger dogs!!
    I would rate it 10/10 !!!! :)


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