Griffith Park

Anzac Ave Collaroy NSW 2097

(Melway 12 A5)

Dogs are permitted off-leash but must be under effective control in this park/reserve (as designated by signs).

As a guide for implementation, a dog shall be deemed to be under the effective control of its owner if:

  • It  will return to its owner upon command.
  • The owner retains a clear and unobstrcted view of the dog.
  • It does not bother or worry other people or animals.
  • It stays within 50 metre of its owner.

Dogs are not allowed:

  • Within 5 metres of a childrens’ playground or public barbeque
  • In environmentally sensitive areas
  • In schools, kindergartens or childcare centres unless permission has been provided
  • Or in these public places
    • Diamond Creek Reserve, Diamond Creek (Mel ref 11 K7) – dogs are prohibited from entering wetland areas
    • Sweeneys Flats, Eltham (Mel ref 22 B10) – Parks Victoria land
    • Professors Hill Reserve, North Warrandyte (Mel ref 23 C7)
    • Chase Reserve, North Warrandyte (Mel ref 23 D5)
    • Blue Tongue Bend Reserve, North Warrandyte (Mel ref 23 J6)
    • Temple Ridge and Bailey Gully Reserve, Wattle Glen (Mel ref 185 J11)
    • Reserve, Watsons Creek (Mel ref 272 D5)

One of six off lead dog exercise parks in the Warringah Council area.

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More Information

For additional information please visit the Warringah Council website.

Note: While Doggo aims to provide the most up-to-date information, councils and/or park authorities may change their regulations regarding dog exercise areas at any time. We suggest checking with the relevant park management for the latest information.

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