George Kendall Riverside Park

Gregory St Ermington NSW 2115

  • Water
  • Bins
  • Fenced
  • Seating

Single gated enclosed park with newly planted trees, fresh water on tap and large bin outside with doggy doo bags.

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  1. Millie & Cara

    Two walks in one day. Lucky us! Parking is on the corner of Trumper and Gregory Streets.

    At the entrance to the large park, the off-lead area is pretty great. While the park is a lead area, you can run like a nut at the start and finish of a much longer walk.

    With water on tap and benches for the humans, it was all good. I would image the tap area would become pretty muddy on busy days, that would be extra special fun ‘-)

    A few humans had failed to pick up after the kids, so you may wish to watch your step.

    We’d give it a rating of *** out of 5

    Stay furry!

    Cara and Millie

  2. Carlo

    A few people forgot to pick up after their kids, why were their kids crapping in a dog park to begin with?

  3. Grace

    I’ve been too this parks 2x and it’s amazing! There is seats and good parking but my dog was attacked by a bulldog :( and there were Lots of vicious dogs around so I reccomend not too bring little dogs! BUT WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT JUST BECAUSE MY DOG IS SMALL HE CAN’T GO TO THE PARK WELL I DON’T THINK SO BECAUSE YOUR DOG SHOULD BE TRAINED IM SICK OF THESE BIG DOGS BOSSING EVERY DOG AROUND! IM GONNA STICK UP FOR MY DOG.

    1. Ana

      Hi Grace,

      I know how it is like, I also have a small dog and I’m never relaxed when I take him to the park because most of the owners of big dogs don’t care about their dogs, setting them free and not keeping the eyes on them.
      BTW, which breed is yours?

  4. Courtney

    Great dog park. It’s a big circle with a tree’s in the middle. Fully fenced with a few chairs to sit down. There’s a tap with a dog bowl at one of the gates. Friendly dogs of all sizes, its a very social park. I’ve only just found this one but would recommend it :)

  5. Amy Greenshields
    Amy Greenshields

    First visit today. A large, fenced park with a few trees, benches and tap with water bowl for dogs.

    Not bad, would be better with double gates for enter and exit – the gate we entered by was rusted up so didn’t automatically close. Biggest concern is the bindi grass! Not nice for dogs!

    There is a carpark next to the park which is good, the grounds leading up to the park are pretty unkempt and uneven – particularly noticeable when pushing a stroller and walking the dog.


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