Frederick Wachter Reserve

Bloomfield Rd Keysborough VIC 3173

  • Fenced

The off leash area here is enclosed.

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For additional information please visit the City of Greater Dandenong website.

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  1. Chris Klonaridis
    Chris Klonaridis

    The off leash area is not fully enclosed.It is open at both ends.I have seen a lot of dogs running out of the area chasing kids or bikes or other people walking the path.Is a big risk and an accident waiting to happen.The council should install gates at both ends making the escape of dogs impossible.This is the idea of an off leash area isn’t it?So far all the calls to the council from the dog owners using the area has fallen to deaf ears and personally I can’t understand the point of an “off leash” area when dogs in fact have access to the public areas of the park by simply running off the area!!!


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