Doug Grant Reserve

Queen St Altona VIC 3018

Located between Queen Street, Apex Park, and Melbourne Water Drainage Channel.

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For additional information please visit the Hobsons Bay City Council website.

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  1. Kerry

    Please, please beware of cyclists at this park! There is a path that runs through the park which cyclists use (at pace) where the dogs are allowed off lease and if your dog runs out from the bushes and into their path (which is very close to the bushes) you will most likely get abused and/or assaulted (as I have,when my dog did this, by an old woman in her late 50’s/60’s no less!). The more cycling gear the person has on generally the faster they ride and the more self righteous and aggressive they are become. They will threaten to hurt your dog as the woman who assaulted me did. The guys who ride bikes slowly down there with fishing rods and beers are not bothered by dogs running into their paths. I really don’t understand why they ride fast through this park when there is a perfectly good bike path alongside the road, immediately adjacent to this park where they can ride fast and not be bothered by dogs.


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