Dendy Park

Cummins Rd Brighton East VIC 3187

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For additional information please visit the Bayside City Council website.

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  1. G Wells

    Beware of unruly dogs and their irresponsible owners at Dendy Park. Our dog has been repeatedly attacked by out of control dogs that are poorly supervised by their owners. Take your dog there at your peril!

  2. Laura

    I quite enjoy Dendy Park. It’s unfenced so I choose to keep my dogs on leash (I have a Siberian Husky who loves to run). The dog park is also a Soccer ground so sometimes you have to avoid the games – but the area is large enough that your dog can have a run around without disturbing the players.

    I haven’t seen any water bowls there so its good to bring your own water. It does have a walking trail that circles the park but it does go along the Nepean Hwy so make sure your dog is on leash for this.

  3. Nat

    Hi all, I agree with G Wells. I just got home from a walk at dendy park with my two small toy dogs (5kg) , and I’m quite upset because over exited dogs run into mine and knock them over and scare them. A 30kg dog can do alot of damage. I am quite petite and after recovering from an injury I had to intervene and save my dogs from getting attacked but I got injured myself. I’d like to see change so the elderly, children and all dogs feel safe but I’ll be straying from this post.


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