Connie Lowe Reserve

Adelphi St Rouse Hill NSW 2155

  • Fenced

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  1. Chocco and Jelly
    Chocco and Jelly

    We love this park. It’s the biggest fenced off park that we’ve been to. It’s usually busy just before lunch and late afternoon on weekends.

    There’s a kids play park right next to it so they can see us whilst they play. All the children think we’re cute. And we think they’re right!

    There’s a barbecue next to the childrens park and a tap to fill up the water buckets for the dogs.

    Parking is available right next to the park.

    The only thing missing is a tree to pee on!

  2. Jen

    Big? yes. anything to do? No. Bring your own amusments you must, there is no anything to this park, No agility equipment, no chairs, no trees, no anything. Just a cricket pitch that dogs play in.
    You have to pick a busy time for your puppy to have any fun.

  3. Squirt

    Hi Everyone!

    FREE Dog Wash at Connie Lowe Reserve TOMORROW

    Bring your dogs along to the off-leash Connie Lowe Reserve at Rouse Hill tomorrow for a free dog wash by professional groomers using the sensationally scented Squirt stuff for dogs.

    There will also be some fantastic freebies on offer, with Squirt package deals and great grooming stuff to giveaway.

    Bring the kids along to meet the other dogs and have fun on the playground, while you relax under the shade of a gazebo.

    For more info contact

  4. lesley

    We went there today and were very disappointed. Its just a cricket oval with a picket fense around it.
    Very exposed. Little or no parking.

  5. Jess

    We went to Connie Lowe Reserve yesterday… we had to walk around the outside on the jogging track because the grounds were FULL of dog faeces, it was disgusting. What a shame that people dont pick up after their dogs, or do not supervise their dogs enough to notice. We won’t be going back there again. They even supply doggy bags… how much easier can they make it…*sigh*

  6. Selina Wong
    Selina Wong

    Great dog park and lovely people but BEWARE! A grey and white bulldog with a pink harness attacked my dog today. It was not the first time it has happened. The bulldog has previously ripped my dog’s ear. Today, the same bulldog had its jaw locked on the top of my dog’s head and wouldn’t let go. It’s owner didn’t do a thing about it.

    I understand my dog (chihuahua/pom) snarled at it, but the owner should at least take responsibility and have a muzzle on it.

    It was sad to see and talk to other visitors who had asked us if our dog was ok and felt they had to hold their dogs until the bulldog left.

  7. scrappy doo
    scrappy doo

    mix of all breeds big and small, some nice dog owners and some not so nice, didn’t feel comfortable taking our staffy bigger dogs trying to dominate her and got aggressive, she likes to play and she’s a little softie, majority of people there good just the few that feel the need to ruin it for everyone, sorry to the good dog owners


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