Cliff Sadlier Park

Cunningham Tce Daglish WA 6008

  • Water
  • Bins
  • Seating

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  1. KoKo Harry Potter

    This is a great park.Daglish residents are very lucky as they have eight parks. My favourite one is the biggest – Cliff Sadlier Park, near the railway line. It is huge and me and my mates love it!. There are lots of dogs to play with: big dogs, tiny dogs, black and tan ones and white and silky ones. Some are ball chasers and some play fights. Others just run around saying hello. The big dogs have been known to pinch my Snoopy toy and play “Catch me if you can”. Poor Snoopy is very dirty afterwards.
    It amazes me how this park fills up with water after rain. The big labs and retrievers love to swim and splash, but my smaller mates and I prefer to wallow in the mud. Our mums and dads are not very happy when we climb back into the car dripping wet and muddy. Sadly we usually have to have a bath when we get home.

    The City of Subiaco had decided to give us dogs an Agility Park to help us have more fun! Some of my mates show they are clever as they leap and jump through the rings. I personally need to be tempted with food to do my tricks. Why pass up an opportunity to get more food?


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