C.J.Greenfield Complex Park

Kimberley St Richlands QLD 4077

  • Water
  • Fenced

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  1. Kate

    This dog park has recently been relocated. It used to be at the far end of the C.J. Greenfield Sports Complex park near Boundary Road (near all the big trucks and a horse paddock), and now it’s right on Kimberly Street, next to the car parks.

    It’s a great area now, such a long dog park with a few new trees planted which will give a bit of extra shade once they’ve established and are a bit bigger. There are 2 individual seats (one either end of the park) and a gazebo with 3 seats under it in the middle of the park near the water tap. There’s a nifty little water dish attached to the tap as well, so no more dirty old ice-cream container for the dogs to drink out of; of course you can always use your own collapsible water dish, but this is extra handy for those of us who don’t have one. There are 3 entries and the gates are double doors/safety gate style, so if you open one gate to walk in, there’s no chance of an escape as there’s a second gate in front of that (I don’t know how to describe them, I’m sure you’d know what I mean once you saw them!)

    The only issue at the moment is that some people don’t know how to pick up their own dog poop.. Oh and there seems to be some idiots throwing glass bottles into the dog park, so I’d be careful of broken glass in there (no different to the original off-leash park though, there was constantly broken glass all over the place). It’d also be awesome if the bins were emptied regularly, they’re quite full most of the time!

    Other than those few little points at the end, it’s a fun park to let your dog run around in as the joggers give the dogs something to watch (and sometimes chase)!


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