Blackman Park

Lloyd Rees Drive Lane Cove NSW 2066

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For additional information please visit the Lane Cove Council website.

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  1. Dawg Walker
    Dawg Walker

    This park was excellent, however Lane Cove council are busy turning it into a development zone. New all weather sports pitches and drainage systems are being built so the large open grass and off leash area has now been halved. To make things worse they have put fox bait down in the bush track area of Ventemans Reach until the end of April 2014.

    Gets pretty crowded with the remaining off leash space, also the kids play area isn’t fenced. So if your dog is attracted to the noise of kids playing there is no barriers. Hopefully when the development is complete in May/June 2014 the park will be back to its full dog potential. Right now it feels like four legged friends are somewhat undesireable when compared to the numerous sports teams using the park with such limited space.


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