Bagnalls Beach Reserve

Government Rd Corlette NSW 2315

  • Water
  • Bins
  • Toilets

Doggo user Andrew has provided the following helpful info/tips:

There’s a car park entrance near the roundabout of Sandy Point Road and Bagnalls Beach Road. You will find the amenities and dog bins here.
NB: It’s best to go when it is not high tide as the beach can disappear!
Tide Info:

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For additional information please visit the Port Stephens Council website.

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  1. Gillian granrott
    Gillian granrott

    Most towns have fenced dog parks where they can be left of leads and run around its not always warm enough for the beach in winter for humans not dogs is there any in the Nelson Bay or surrounding areas I could use .

    1. Jill

      I have be en to council and searched many different maps. There are no off leash fenced dog areas anywhere near Nelson Bay. It’s a real shame. A few unfenced areas, but they are near main roads so not really useful.


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