Alma Treloar Reserve

Bailey Road Cockatoo VIC 3781

This is one of several parks recently designated by the Cardinia Shire Council as off leash dog parks where dogs can run freely.

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For additional information please visit the Cardinia Shire Council website.

Note: While Doggo aims to provide the most up-to-date information, councils and/or park authorities may change their regulations regarding dog exercise areas at any time. We suggest checking with the relevant park management for the latest information.

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  1. Kerry

    This is my local park and is well-used. Council doesn’t seem to have thought through how people use the park though – not just the dog off-leash area, but other areas too. There is a really silly bench near the community garden which is clearly meant to give people a place to sit so they can look over Cockatoo Creek and enjoy the wetland area, but it basically looks at the trunk of a tree. Similarly, the single bench in the off leash area looks towards the creek, which is fine except it isn’t that near the creek, and there is no seating area over-looking the actual play area for the dogs. It would be fantastic to have some seating at different points in the off leash area, in the shade along the edges, where we could watch the dogs and socialise, share picnics etc. This is a great place for people to meet and connect and enjoy their dogs. It’s wonderful for helping to encourage responsible and considerate dog ownership too. Cardinia we appreciate the park but maybe it’s time to connect with the regular users to find out what could make it even better!


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